About Us
Management Team

The members of the Prairie North management team are:

Randy Wassermann       General Manager

Ryan Schedlosky             Operations Manager

Phil Haniak                       Controller

Denis Sunderland            Asset Protection Manager

Bruce Clarke                     Human Resources Manager

Angie Paynter                  Credit Manager

Greg Niezgoda                 Petroleum Manager

Whitney Rogers               Melfort Food Store Manager

Michael Freyer                 Melfort Meat Manager

Paul Mellon                      Melfort Bakery Deli Manager

Todd Richardson             Melfort Produce Manager

Keith Mamer                    Melfort Gas Bar Manager

Les Shearer                       Melfort Home & Agro Centre Manager

Terry Thurrott                  Melfort Building Materials Manager

Karen Toews                    Melfort Asst. Building Materials Manager

Allen Woolsey                  Melfort Agro Manager

Kelly Romaniuk               Naicam Food Store Manager

Marilyn Pigula                 Naicam Gas Bar Manager

Bruce Becker                   Naicam Home Centre Manager

Larry Kohl                         Naicam Agronomy Centre Manager

Curtis Mills                       Naicam Agro Sales Manager

Dave Nienaber                Naicam Hardware Manager

Marilyn Pigula                 Spalding Food Store Manager

Wendy Welsch                St. Brieux Food Store Manager

James Perron                   Kelvington Food Store Manager

Susan Fletcher                 Kelvington Bakery Deli Manager

Joseph Hrynchyshyn      Kelvington Meat Manager

Belinda Bocking              Kelvington Produce Manager

Traci Thorpe                    Kelvington Gas Bar Manager

Greg Smith                      Kelvington Lumber Manager

Garnet Reid                     Kelvington Hardware Manager

Glenda Jeffrey                 Kelvington Agro Manager

Natalie Kennedy             Kelvington Asst. Agro Manager

Brad Harley                     Archerwill Food Store & C-Store Manager

Kalvin MacDonald          Archerwill Hardware Manager

Dale Bay                           Archerwill Lumber Manager

Paulette Irvine                Archerwill Agro Manager

Victor Hawryluk             Archerwill Asst. Agro Manager